Engineering, Design and Quality

Engineering, Design and Quality

Appselec performs in-house all design work associated with design and construct (D&C) projects. These design and initiatives are provided by the Engineering and Design team, full in house CAD including REVIT modelling and co-oridinate these works with the Electrical, Communications and Service operations of the company.

The Appselec design team is equipped with in house electrical and electronic engineers, drafts people and accredited AGBC green star professionals. Appselec has been an active member of the Green Building Council of Australia and has delivered numerous 5 and 6 star rated projects within the construction industry.

Appselec prides itself on smart engineering and initiatives that accommodates safety and design, value management and rational economy, not only in construction, but energy efficiency in the buildings and services delivered by Appselec.

At the completion of every project the Engineering and Design team are responsible for unrivalled first class professional Operation and Maintenance Manuals customised for the end user of the Appselec service provisions.

The Appselec Electrical Division is the primary operational division of the company covering all aspects electrical services for the construction and industrial sectors.

Appselec specialises in the design and construction of all electrical reticulations from the point of connection and Mains Switchboards through to the final sub-circuit and outlet. In addition to electrical supply, Appselec also delivers power, co-generation, solar and wind generation systems, UPS installations, EMF Mitigation, Lightning Protection along with advanced building control systems such as lighting control, energy monitoring, and emergency lighting monitoring systems.